What differentiates Austin Alloy Cast from other Investment Casting manufacturers?

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Investment casting is a very old metal casting process which has been used for more than 5,000 years in different forms. Since it is a very slow and difficult process, it requires expertise and a unique setup. There are hundreds of investment casting manufacturing companies across the globe but a few of them who stand apart in manufacturing Investment castings. Austin Alloy Cast is one of the global manufacturing companies which not only has proper infrastructure but also has expertise to understand the process and use it to manufacture quality components. So, what else sets Austin Alloy Cast apart?

A Lifetime of experience in this industry and a proud tradition of unparalleled customer service by quick communication, exceptional delivery performance and consistent quality. Our Technical Directors and Team have spent their entire career in the Investment casting manufacturing. We are a responsive Investment casting manufacturing partner with a global sales representative network disposal at your service regardless of the time zone.

The greatest value addition we provide is our ability to take on process conversion projects. We act as your technical consultant for complex metal component requirements. The most optimised process of manufacturing best suited for each application leads to saving of cost and time.

Our vision is to associate with industry leaders in their respective domains. We target a niche customer base and are able to execute large projects in special materials from one of the largest single location manufacturing facilities in India.

In-house facilities for value-added processes like machining, radiography, and performing sub-assemblies gives us the ability to be your single-stop supply chain partner.

If you have any queries or need further details, get in touch with us anytime without hesitation. Our team is quick to answer all your queries.

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