Working with a truly global & a diversified corporate group and the advantages it offers

Working with a truly global & a diversified corporate group and the advantages it offers

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A diversified business group consists of different companies with related or unrelated product & service offerings. These different companies act independently but have strings attached to one another. Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be a part of such a diversified conglomerate. There are many benefits of working with such a diversified business group company. Before we learn about the benefits, let’s have a look into the group of which Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd. is.

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Working with a truly global & a diversified corporate group and the advantages it offers

Easy availability of related products or services:

If a diversified business group has related products or services, it becomes easy for the customers to avail those products. For example, Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd. offers investment casting manufacturing of steel alloys with the capacity of per piece up to 150 kgs. But if the project requires steel sand casting parts of higher weight, switching it to our sister concern Metflow Cast Pvt. Ltd. will be an option available for the customers. It offers a single vendor sourcing advantage.

Product vertical saves cost:

Product vertical from a group company saves cost and time. Suppose if some parts at Austin Alloy Cast require machining & CMM inspection, the process can be sourced from our group company Ayushi Engineering. This minimises the dependency on outside vendors for some value added processes and improves the quality as well as delivery time. If the customers do it from their end, they have to go through a process of sourcing other services, managing logistics, etc. However, at our group companies we take care of everything and offer managed solutions.

Employment or Business Opportunities:

Diversified business groups operate on a large scale so the employment or business opportunities are vast. There can be a chance for employment or business in one company or another. At a Group level, we take pride in generating employment opportunities for 1200 Team members.

Credibility Benefit:

Associated groups of companies symbolise strength and this strength is transformed into credibility. It’s very important to check the credibility of the company while purchasing any product or services. When you purchase any goods from a company which is part of an established group, the credibility level of the company is very high.

Our Group has customer presence in more than 35 countries, an overseas office in Singapore, representatives in Europe, North America, South America, APAC regions and a warehouse facility in the United States. Hence Truly Global yet Local.

Our group does not only have business interests but we also strongly believe in contributing back to society. Activities to uplift the not-so-privileged sections of the society and other CSR (corporate social responsibilities) are undertaken through Nirvaan Welfare Foundation.

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