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Radiography Testing (RT) also popularly known as a type of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) uses Gamma rays or X-Ray testing as a component inspection method to detect volumetric casting defects by foundries or investment casting manufacturers, which can not be seen by naked eye.

A big stand-out factor from the competitors within the Investment casting industry is that we have in-house Radiography testing (RT) facilities. We at Austin Alloy Cast, use IR 192 & Co 60 Gamma rays sources to inspect the casted metal through Radiography Testing (RT). We have separate facilities for both the sources - IR 192 and Co 60. Tests using both the sources separately have many advantages. Cobalt 60 (Co 60) and Iridium 192 (IR 192) produce high energies which makes it possible to penetrate thick materials in short exposure of time. Cobalt-60 emits a 1.33 and a 1.17 MeV gamma ray, and iridium-192 will emit 0.31, 0.47, and 0.60 MeV gamma rays. Due to this our team is able to detect casting defects in thinner as well as thicker metal components during the inspection.

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Necessity of Radiography testing in the Investment casting industry and the method we use for inspection:

> The method detects thinner as well as thicker wall size metal components.

> Verify internal flaws on complex structures like porosity, cracks, shrinkages

> Detects external as well as internal flaws or defects due to greater penetrating power.

> RT is mandatory for castings used in Hazardous environments like Oil & Gas to prevent leakages that could in some cases lead to fatalities.

Radiography Testing

Source: IR 192 & Co 60

Separate two facility for both source

Test Frequency: 100% Qty. Procedures: EN 1369 and ASME Sec V Article 7 & 25 (E709)


We use various other NDT methods like Dye Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Ultrasonic Testing depending on the requirements of the project, alloy types, component types and other factors. Our experts have many years of experience tackling the complex flaws and issues arising during the manufacturing process. Which is a value addition to the advanced technology.

Comprehensive investment casting manufacturing facility at one place makes you worry-free for your metal components casting projects. Get in-touch on the below given contact details to discuss your next project.

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