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Hydraulics are frequently used in heavy & earth moving equipment.
Since it has frequent use and bears so much load, it's high maintenance equipment. A lot of complaints come from the machinery users of hydraulic system failure - oil leakage, misalignment or cracked hydraulic cylinders. Generally, contamination of the fluid or oil and side loads can cause the system failure.

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High quality Hydraulics Cap End Covers act as protective parts for the machinery. Cap End Covers keep off the dirt and grits and stop contaminating hydraulic fluids. Hydraulic Cap End Covers are strong enough to withstand stress on the cap end of the cylinder and extend hydraulic life and play an important role in the functioning of the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic Cylinder Components especially Cap end covers can be manufactured by metal working processes like Closed-die forging, Sand Casting and Investment Casting. We have also helped our customers on numerous process change projects. From Forging to Investment Casting. From Sand Casting to Investment Casting for their Hydraulic cylinder cast components requirement.

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Hydraulic machinery manufacturers rely on the equipment parts manufacturers to deliver high quality cast parts. Hydraulic Cylinders Cap End Covers casted at Austin Alloy Cast are precise in design and have life extending qualities. That's why hydraulic machinery & parts manufacturers across the globe prefer Austin Alloy Cast as their investment casting solution provider.

Each hydraulic cylinders cap end cover at Austin Alloycast:

✓ is developed following precise measurements and design requirements based on discussion with clients and our development team

✓ follow stringent process
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✓ pass through x-ray, crack detect and ultraSonic test as well pressure testing to check for leaks

Above given process makes perfect and long lasting hydraulic cylinder parts for your company. You can see the difference between normal parts and parts manufactured at Austin Alloy Cast below:

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Sand Casted cap end cover | Austin Alloy manufactured cap end cover

Hydraulic cap end covers casted at Austin Alloy Cast:

> has less misalignment chances as they are designed accurately. Investment Casting process helps achieve near net shape

> are leak proof and pressure tested

> don’t crack or bend easily as they are tested to the required mechanical strength

> Have better surface finish for aesthetically good looking Hydraulic cylinders

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