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Investment casting process is widely used in different industries worldwide to cast metal components. When any metal parts demand precision or are complex in geometry, the investment casting process is the most suitable process to cast the components. That is why it's also called precision casting. It is also called lost-wax casting as a wax pattern is used to cast metal components.

Austin Alloy Cast products are present in several industries and directly or indirectly play a vital role in our day to day life

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Wherever oil and gas companies explore or deliver their products, food is processed in a factory, the earth is moved or simply any metal components like hydraulics part is used in a day-to-day life, an Investment Casted component made proudly by Austin Alloy Cast is present in each of those applications. Our Investment Castings are responsible for making people's lives easier. They make the mechanical assemblies work smoother and take all the stress so that you don’t have to.
In short, a small or very large metal component made by the Investment Casting process used can be casted by Austin Alloy Cast. Our Team has been doing this since last last 20 years and we keep on improving along with our customers to provide High Quality Cost Effective Investment Casting Solutions.

Do Austin Alloy Cast cast metal components for any industry?

Currently, we work with oil and gas, heavy earth moving, food processing, medical, mining and general engineering industries. Valve & Pump castings are our speciality but we are also expert in other products used in above mentioned industries

We need quality metal components. How can we work with Austin Alloy Cast?

It is an easy and enriching experience to work with Austin Alloy Cast. Austin Alloy Cast is not just an investment casting manufacturer but service provider with a twist. Austin Alloy Cast offers one stop solutions where technical consulting to value added services are covered at one place. Above par standards like using green energy for production, best quality testing facilities, etc. make Austin Alloy Cast a valued entity. Furthermore, Austin Alloy Cast holds an upper edge in the Investment Casting industry by working with a global network of sales representatives who can assist you regardless of a difference in time zone or language.

It's just a click away to contact us to learn more about our company capabilities and how we can support you. Email us directly or reach out to one of our local representative to discuss your needs for Investment Castings.

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