India casting company which manufactures as small as 30 Grms and as big as 150Kgs metal parts.

India casting company which manufactures as small as 30 Grms and as big as 150Kgs metal parts.

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India casting company Austin Alloy Cast offers Investment Casting solutions to industries like oil and gas, food processing, heavy earth moving, marine, medical and general engineering. These industries need fully machined components to be casted in a foundry. Austin Alloy Cast has advanced casting foundry setup in Western India.

Each industry has a different set of requirements for machineries. And so the size and complexity of machinery parts are different based on the requirements. Heavy earth moving industry uses bigger machine parts however metal components used in general engineering are comparatively small in size. Even in one industry two departments may require different sizes of investment casting components.. For example, the food processing industry. A small part like butterfly valve investment casting is used for the process valves in the Oil & Gas industry, however big parts like centrifugal pump investment casting casing are used in the Oil & Gas or Chemical Industries.

Austin Alloy Cast has a range of equipment and infrastructure available to process smallest parts to the biggest parts up to 150 kgs depending on the geometry and the alloy of the investment casting component.

Choosing an Indian investment casting company like Austin Alloy as a manufacturing partner has other advantages also.

Unaffected by Gas Crisis:

Since the global energy crisis has affected many foundries in European and other western countries, India is still unstirred. Particularly talking about Austin Alloy Cast, 1.5 MW energy produced at the company owned solar power plant to reduce dependency on third parties for energy requirements as well as reducing carbon footprint.

Cost effective labour and value added services under one roof reduce overall project price and lead times:

Cheap metal casting solutions from other countries might be temporary cost saving but eventually it costs more due to inferior quality. Austin Alloy Cast, India-based investment casting company offers cost effective solutions with uncompromised quality. Value added services provided under one roof also saves cost & lead time while reducing risk of quality defects.

Stable geographical conditions:

India has always been neutral in global political issues. Due to this stand, the foreign trade and transactions between India and countries remain unaffected. India has a huge youth population enabling us to propel labour intensive industries like investment casting manufacturing.

So no matter which country you are from, if you have an investment casting requirement of any size between 30 Grms and 150 Kgs, Austin Alloy Cast is the ideal Indian company.

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