Increase your metal component’s life with right surface finish done at Austin Alloy Cast

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We discussed the importance of alloy selection for your metal components in an earlier article. After alloy selection, the surface finish of the metal also plays a very important role. Right surface finish increases the life-span of the component. In this article we’ll discuss how it can increase the lifespan of the component or machine part and other advantages of right surface finish.

Surface finish is a metal finishing process which is normally performed in the last stage after manufacturing is done. The surface of the component is given various treatments like polishing, reshaping, painting, etc. This way metal component manufacturers or investment casting companies finish the manufacturing process.

Right surface finish increases the life value of metal components. Different components have different requirements for surface finish. Some components or parts need rough surface finish whereas some parts need glossy finish. For example, some machine parts used in heavy earth moving machineries should be painted or coated, however components used in food processing machineries require glossy surface finish to avoid food particles gathering. Sometimes the same surface finish requires different methods. Colour coating on surfaces can be done by painting or spraying.

How does metal surface finishing increase the lifespan of metal components?

Some metals are prone to corrosion in humid weather conditions. Metal coating creates an inert (non-reactive) barrier around the metallic object. This stops the amalgamation from happening and increases lifespan of the metals. Another example of surface finishing is ‘tumble blasting’. Tumble blasting delivers consistent surface finish. The process removes the burrs, rust, heat treat scales, etc. This enhances surface finish and helps improve the lifespan of the metal.

Why is surface finishing best at Austin Alloy Cast?

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Austin Alloy Cast is fully-equipped for any process required to manufacture quality machine parts or metal components for oil and gas, heavy earth moving, food processing, mineral and general engineering industries. We at Austin Alloy Cast are able to achieve exceptional surface finish which is near net shape. We deliver following metal surface finish:

● Pickling and passivation
● Powder coating
● Tumble blasting
● Blackning
● Electropolishing
● Painting

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