Importance of collaborating with Investment casting manufacturers who can provide technical consultation for your metal component requirements.

Importance of collaborating with Investment casting manufacturers who can provide technical consultation for your metal component requirements.

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Outsourced manufacturing of metal components like Investment castings can potentially reduce your cost, effort and time and allow you to focus on other important tasks of your business. But be aware, outsourced manufacturing or contract manufacturing without technical consultation can prove disastrous. Investment casting sourcing pertains to highly technicality. Only investment casting companies with technical expertise and capabilities to tackle various types of situations can manufacture precise and high quality parts. Moreover, best investment casting companies will offer technical consultation to their clients. Technical consultation includes advice on best suited design, alloy and manufacturing process for different applications. Selection of the right metal forming process is utmost important to save cost and time.

There are many reasons one should have technical consultation with the investment casting manufacturing company:

1. You can gauge technical expertise of the manufacturing company:

Technical consultation with outsourced manufacturers before partnering will help you gauge the technical expertise & knowledge of the company. Technical know-how of the complete process of manufacturing, nature of alloys used in the parts or equipment, critical dimensions,etc. with the investment casting manufacturer is very important. You can gauge these aspects of technical capabilities of outsourcing manufacturers or investment casting companies during the technical consultation session.

2. Improve quality of the component:

Technical consultation will be helpful in improving the quality of the Investment cast components produced. Technical consultation with investment casting manufacturers covers alloy selection, feedback on critical dimensions, testing requirements, advice on metal forming process selection. To conclude, we do not work with customers to just win new business but to help them achieve cost savings on their metal components sourcing.

3. Estimation of cost and time of the project:

Without cost and time estimation, it’s not wise to start any project. Technical consultation with the outsourcing manufacturer of parts can give you insight of the cost and time to complete the project. To achieve a particular quality and precision level in manufactured parts, the manufacturers have to follow a certain process and choose the right mixture of alloys. If you have technical consultation, you get to know the mixture of process and alloy required for the project. Based on that you can estimate the cost and time of the project.

Technical & highly experienced team of leading investment casting company Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd. can assist you to convert your fabrication, sand casting, forgings & machining requirement into one single investment casting. Investment casting process offers a wide range of benefits like better surface finish, complex geometries and near net shape. Contact us to know more about the technical consultation project references at Austin Alloy.

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