Gate Valve Casting by Austin Alloy helps make the piping system smooth & efficient.

Gate Valve Casting by Austin Alloy helps make the piping system smooth & efficient.

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In oil & gas, marine or any industries, where the process piping system is installed, valves are one of the most crucial parts of the system to control the flow. Valves are used to stop, allow or reroute the flow of fluid, gas or chemical. To make this process smooth different kinds of valves are used to manage the flow depending on the functionality and requirements. Gate valves are very popular for the processes. If gate valve investment casting is done right, the pipeline process runs smoothly for a longer period of time. Gate valve failure like seat or wedge corrosion, stem break-off, etc. can arise if the gate valve investment casting manufacturer has no adequate knowledge or facilities to adhere to the tight tolerances and manufacture it according to the technical literature. One can obviously repair a malfunctioning gate valve but it's always better to prevent it from malfunctioning.

Valves are critical components in a piping system. It may contribute 15 to 30 percent of the total piping system cost. So, the engineers have to choose the right quality of valves at the design stage only. Failure of valves can result in entire piping system failure and a lot of cost of the project. Gate valves are the most common types of valves used in any piping system.

How gate valve casting by Austin Alloy Cast helps make your piping system smooth in the harshest environment?

Austin Alloy Cast has vast experience in valve casting. In fact, 50-60% of our total revenue is derived from the Valve industry. As a renowned investment casting company, Austin understands the requirements and mechanism of valves and its applications. Austin Alloy Cast supplies the valves and other metal components to leading oil & gas, marine, food processing and other companies globally. Austin has developed advanced facilities at their casting foundry to bridge the gap between the requirements of the piping system and making it efficient.

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