Does your Investment Casting Supplier Follow Sustainable Manufacturing Practices?

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Today, the world is facing innumerable environmental challenges including global warming, climate change, soil degradation, waste disposal, etc. There is an increasing risk that it will affect the generations to come and wildlife across the globe. So, it is very important for everyone on the earth to work on it. Individual or small group efforts may not be that much effective but collective effort taken by individual organisations globally can make a big impact. And working on it is not an option but a necessity.

If global manufacturing industries embrace sustainable manufacturing practices then this can bring down a major chunk of increasing threat on the earth. For this every business has to follow sustainable practices and make sure their supply chain partners follow sustainable manufacturing practices as well.

Companies are increasingly setting goals to achieve net neutrality but can a company become net neutral without the support of supply chain partners. It has become really crucial for the whole value chain to follow green and sustainable manufacturing practices.

We, at Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd. setting up an example by taking such measures at our manufacturing unit. We believe sustainability is not only about environmental impact but also equally about human welfare.

Implementation of different sustainable manufacturing practices at Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd.

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At Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd., our approach to do business is not just monetary gains but also to add value in the global ecosystem (commercial and environmental). Following are a few examples of sustainable manufacturing practices we have adapted:

The first step towards sustainability is to adapt energy options which don’t produce harmful byproducts or reduce natural resources. Solar energy is clean and green energy that doesn’t create any adverse effect on the earth. Austin Alloy Cast uses 1.5 MW energy produced at our captive Solar Power Plant.
Our daily activities like driving a car, disposal of waste or using electricity generate a carbon footprint. This carbon footprint causes a rise in global temperature. Tree plantation is one of the solutions to bring down the temperature. Austin Alloy Cast frequently organises tree plantation programs around its facility every year.
To standardise responsibilities towards the environment, Austin Alloy Cast is planning to implement and acquire ISO 14001 certificate. ISO 14001 provides requirements with guidance for use that relate to environmental systems by ISO Technical Committee.
We also strongly believe to emphasise in workers safety and we are under the process of getting ISO 18001 certificate (occupational health & safety management system).

Beyond sustainable manufacturing practices, quality assurance lab, expertise to advise on getting perfect investment casting solutions for your industry and capability to deliver it on time are a few of the positive points of Austin Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd.

Give us a chance to be your Green Investment Casting Supplier Partner and we will not disappoint. Our customer service is unmatched in the industry.

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