Consistent quality in metal components; how do we achieve it

Consistent quality in metal components; how do we achieve it

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Consistent quality in metal components or machine parts is necessary for robust manufacturing or processing in any industry. Mass processing or manufacturing can be done smoothly in oil & gas, pulp & paper, food processing and other industries if metal components are of consistent quality.

Let's classify consistency required in metal components in three types.

Surface Consistency:
If there is inconsistency in your metal component then that may be because of inadequate or improper processes like welding, machining, painting or coating by your casting company. Surface inconsistency leads to defects in the final output of the process.

Shape Consistency:
Shape inconsistency occurs due to imperfect design, mould or tools used by casting manufacturers. Improper shape will not even allow you to start a manufacturing process.

Size Consistency:
Inconsistency in a size of metal components occurs due to defective wax injection, pattern making or wrong process followed by your casting company or foundry. Wrong size of components also leads to not starting a manufacturing process or breaking down.

There are many other reasons which create failure or inconsistency in metal components manufacturing like defects during machining, wrong mixture of alloys used, careless assembly at casting foundry, and non-testing the final products.

How Austin Alloy Cast as a leading investment casting manufacturer do we achieve consistency in metal components?

> We use advanced design softwares like Solid Works to develop products. Our expert team’s detailed eye makes sure that there’s no mistake in the first stage only.

> We have state of the art activity of tool development with calculation of contribution allowances of was and metal to achieve drawing dimensions as per customer needs.

> We have a well equipped setup with a controlled atmospheric area so the atmosphere doesn’t adversely affect the process.

> High strength refractory material used after receiving inspection.

> All equipment & temperature indicator and controller are calibrated at regular intervals.

> Electronic welding machine, WPS and PQR done and available for different alloys

> Different types of advanced machines for fettling to avoid inconsistency.

> Casting inspected dimensionally according to customer drawing.

> Measuring facilities like 2D height gauge, Height gauge, CMM, etc.

> Non-destructive testing.

With all these advanced technology and strict process measures we achieve exceptional surface finish, tighter tolerance and near net shape.

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