Choose our ball valve casting for reliability in the long-run.

Choose our ball valve casting for reliability in the long-run.

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FBall valves are used in industries like oil & gas and others to regulate the flow of fluids. Ball valve casting plays a very important role in making it effective and durable in the long run. Many times ball valves don’t operate at the most critical time due to abrasion, loose fittings and several other reasons. You don’t provide any value to your customers if the ball valves are ineffective.

Why choosing the right ball valve casting plays a vital role for smooth functioning

First of all, a good metal casting company or foundry helps you choose the right metal and alloy mixture required for the operation based on the industry and its applications. At Austin Alloy Cast - a leading investment casting company, technical consultation & review is the initial part of the project.

Secondly if the metal is not given the right treatment, there can be cracks or abrasion problems. At Austin Alloy Cast, intensive care is taken during tool development, wax injection, melting, heat treatment and each process our investment casting passes through. Not only that but to ensure that we deliver the highest quality Investment castings, we have the latest in-house testing instruments. Lab testing at Austin Alloy Cast is an advanced level facility which makes sure that the final product is error-free and of high quality according to the customer requirements.

Metal surface also plays a very important role in its functioning as well as for durability. If your investment casting foundry doesn’t focus on surface finishing then the metal may result in corrosion due to storage of contaminated fluid or harsh chemical force. This often happens in the oil & gas industry. Only few investment casting manufacturers are able to achieve exceptional surface finish.

Austin Alloy Cast is popularly known for its pump and valve casting. In fact, valve casting is one of our core expertise. Our valve casting portfolio includes ball valve castings, butterfly valve castings, gate valve castings, knife gate valve castings, check valve casting, triple eccentric valve castings, globe valve castings, pressure relief valve castings. With a turnover of USD 9 Mil we have clients across Europe, North America, and APAC regions. If you are wondering about enquiries and the order process, we have our local sales representatives network spread across the globe to assist you. Our customer service is unmatched in the industry and you will feel it working with us!

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