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Investment casting is a lengthy casting process but sometimes you need your projects within a short lead-time. Choosing a process other than investment casting and not right for your project might run you into trouble. Investment casting involves many quality and labour intensive steps within the whole process. Each step is intensively performed to achieve desired quality and precise measurements of your metal components. And so it consumes a lot of time to finish compared to other casting processes. Since the entire process involves many steps or processes and time taking, the cost of your project increases eventually. When your foundry or investment casting manufacturer skips a process or compromises on any of the process, it results in degraded quality components.

Austin Alloy Cast takes care in each step of the Investment casting process from tool making, wax injection, pattern assembly, shell coating, dewaxing, pouring, shell removing, heat treatment, finishing and final inspection processes to manufacture top-quality investment casting components.

Is it possible to deliver quality investment casting in short lead-time without compromising?

Absolutely, it is possible to deliver quality casting components in short lead-time without compromising on any process or other things. Each process surely has a certain requisite time to finish and you can not do anything in it. However, a large manufacturing capacity, related value added services under one roof, advanced infrastructure and logistic network at Austin Alloy Cast make it possible to deliver any large size project to be delivered in a short lead-time compared to other regular foundries.

We have one of the largest investment casting facilities at a single location in India, which doubles the output in the same time taken at other foundry.

Value added services like machining, powder coating or painting, electropolishing, tumble blasting, and pickling & passivation are available in-house so it reduces logistic related lead time from outsourcing.

Communication lead-time occurring due to time zones is reduced as our local sales representatives are available in your country whether you are in North America, Europe, South America or APAC regions. On the other hand our technically skilled team members are quick to solve any technical issues if they arise at the foundry.

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