Next level butterfly valves casting at Austin Alloy Cast

Next level butterfly valves casting at Austin Alloy Cast

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Butterfly valves are a common type of isolation valve, many times used as an alternative to other valve types like ball valves, knife gate valves etc .

As a regular butterfly valve user you might face a few difficulties like as the rubber sealing ring gets aged and so wearing issues occur, the disc loosens after sometime, etc causing leakage. These are common problems faced by many users of regular butterfly valves. Commercial-grade, standard quality butterfly valves don't let you down for ages.

Austin Alloy Cast uses high quality raw material including scrap, wax, coating material etc to make excellent quality Investment Castings. We have experience manufacturing a wide range of steel alloys. Our ability to handle special alloys like Cobalt-based alloys, High Nickel Alloys, Duplex Steels makes us stand apart from the competition. High Quality Investment Casting is a must to bring down the wear and tear issues in a short period of time. Not only that but Austin Alloy Cast is equipped with advanced lab testing and measuring equipment like spectrometer, mechanical testing machines, impact testing machine, PMI testing and CMM, which help control the accuracy of Investment Castings made at our facility.

We can support our customers with all types of butterfly valve Investment Castings like disc and body from a few grams to 150 Kgs weight per piece. Some of the references in the butterfly valve segment include world-leaders like Emerson, Ebro Armaturen, Valmet, Ampo and L&T Valves.

Service offered par excellence beyond butterfly valves casting.

All in all, Investment casting of butterfly valve components of next level standards is not only about how it is manufactured in the foundry but also how it is pre and post processed. Austin Alloy Cast offers all value added services and provides a single stop sourcing solution. This is how we are able to achieve customer satisfaction unmatched in the industry.

Talk to us if you have any queries or questions about butterfly valve investment casting development. Our experts are here to support you!

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