How does Austin Alloy Cast help minimise challenges in the food processing industry?

How does Austin Alloy Cast help minimise challenges in the food processing industry?

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If you are in the food processing industry, you contend many challenges daily to maintain the quality and standards of the food manufactured. If the hygiene and regulations are not maintained, it can result in huge problems like a lawsuit or health hazards to thousands of people. Many problems in the industry are pertaining to food machinery or equipment used for manufacturing. Following food equipment related issues can lead to problems:

Imperfect Design:

Imperfect design can lead to problems like food contamination, irregularities in measurements, etc. Food grade equipment should be designed in a way that abstains from gathering food particles in corners or at joints to avoid contamination of food. It is always best to consult with the equipment manufacturing design and development team to create perfect design of food equipment.

Non-food grade Metal:

Metals or alloys used for food equipment need to be food grade. Some alloys are suitable for food grade equipment whereas some are not. For example stainless steel is easy to clean and hygienic because of its non-porous surface. On the other hand aluminium and copper are acid reactive metals and can be harmful to make food using such equipment. However, there is a wide range of stainless steel quality and one needs to dive deep to understand which is the best for their equipment.

Non-compliance with regulatory standards:

If the equipment does not meet regulatory standards then you have to face a huge loss by paying fines. It’s very crucial to discuss with the manufacturers.

These challenges can be addressed and risk can be reduced if controlled manufacturing is practised.

Austin Alloy Cast is an industry leader in manufacturing of Food grade Investment Castings and has product expertise in castings for Hygienic Valve Body, Lobe Pump Castings, Mixing Blades, Centrifuge Bowls, Meat Grinding Components.

Our team at Austin Alloy Cast:

  ● Offers technical consultation to make your project successful.

  ● Is able to design food grade equipment that fits well and is precise for the production.

  ● Can easily handle metal complexity.

  ● Can achieve exceptional surface finish that doesn’t allow bacteria to stay.

  ● Value-added processes like polishing for exceptional surface finish.

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