Tooling & Die Making

Tooling And Die Making

We develop Automatic tool/ Semi-Automatic tool/ Manual tool depend on Batch quantity order:

  • Our qualified engineers study (refer) customer drawing and add contraction allowances of wax and metal to prepared model followed tool development, which will match shape and dimension of casting parts.

Wax Injection


Our injection press is specially designed as per our norms and process controlled parameter. Our facilitate press ( Or We have facilities) :

  • Semi-Automatic Press-03 Qty. (Capacity 20MT Dual Injection type.)
  • Semi-Automatic Press-02 Qty. (Capacity 20MT Horizontal Injection type)
  • Semi-Automatic Press-02 Qty. (Capacity 12MT Dual Injection type.)
  • Regular Press- 05 Qty. (Capacity 12 MT Vertical injection)

Wax Assembly


Tree and gating design release to production by our Methoding department:

  • Clean wax pattern are assembled as per method card through hot knife or sticky wax process. We are taking care of all next process like knock off, stuccoing during tree making.

Shelling (stucooing)

Shelling - 6

Reduce or eliminate metal penetration :

  • Reduce or prevent “burn-on”
  • Prevent erosion of sand by molten metal
  • Smoother surface finish
  • Improve overall casting quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Lower cleaning costs


Dewaxing - 1 (5)
  • IBR (Indian boiler Regulations) approved Auto clave.

Melting & Pouring


For Melting & Pouring are describe as below:

  • 1500 Mt pouring Capacity per Year (need to be check any different figure have we mention any were)
  • Induction Furnace 1 -250KVA (Crucible 2-250Kg, 1-150Kg)
  • Induction Furnace 2 -350KVA (Crucible 1-500Kg, 1-300Kg)


Knock off
  • Knock of Machine and all required equipment to release the ceramic and cut the castings from tree and followed to finished product.

Heat Treatment


We using heating treatment are describe as below:

  • Electric Furnace INDAID Engineers Pvt Ltd): – 500Kg Capacity.


Fettling - 2

Fettling descriptions are given as below :

  • Knock out Machine.
  • Arc Air Gouging Machine.
  • Swing Frame Grinding, Fiber Cutting & Pneumatic Grinding.
  • Shot Blasting.
  • Pickling and Passivation for Stainless Steel.
  • Individual grinding machines for carbon and stainless steel.

Final Inspection of casting & NDT

Final inspection image

Qualified staff, with all latest measuring instrument. We using final inspection are describe as below:

  • Digital Vernier Caliper
  • Digital Height Gauge
  • Dial Vernier Caliper
  • V-block
  • Celebrated Surface Plate
  • Filler Gauge
  • Radius Gauge
  • CMM (Group Company)
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